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Northern lights in August
Photo Wendy Sutherland


Where can I buy entry ticket to Italian Chapel?
Just buy entry on site. Card or cash. 

Do I need photographic ID or a passport to travel on the ferry?

Can dogs travel on the ferry and the coach tour in Orkney?
Sorry no dogs on coach tour but are okay on the wildlife cruise. 

Where can I leave my dog for the day?
Dog Home Boarding 07866465627 and Best Buddies Dog Walking Services 07522646571. Also Murkle Mutts 07792 856574.
Stretch Your Paws Dog Walking Service Local 07703453147.

Is the ferry ever cancelled due to the weather?
Yes, we do sometimes cancel due to strong winds. Perhaps we cancel about 3 or 4 days throughout the season.

How do I find out if the ferry is cancelled?
We only cancel on the morning and we will update details on facebook and twitter or telephone us (office open 8am).

Where would I find any information about the weather?
Click on this link for XCWeather and if its showing anything over 30 knots then give us a phone call. 

Does fog stop the ferry from sailing?
No, fog would not stop the ferry sailing to Orkney but we may cancel the Wildlife Cruise if it is too foggy.

Do I get to travel free on the ferry if I have the National Entitlement Card?
No, unless you are an Orkney resident in which case you will get four ferry vouchers, every year. Each voucher can used for a single ferry crossing.
Vouchers must be surrendered.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we take all cards including American Express in the ferry office. We do not take cards on the ferry.

Can I pay online?

Can you take wheelchairs on the ferry?
Yes, we can take wheelchairs - access is via a flat gangway.

Can you take wheelchairs on the coaches?
Yes if they fit in the luggage compartment.

Is there car parking in John O' Groats?
Yes, there is a large, free car park in John O' Groats next to our ferry office.

Are there toilets on the ferry?

Is there a toilet on the coach in Orkney?

Can I get breakfast at 8am in John O'Groats?
The Cabin at the top of the pier is open mostly. But give them a ring to check on 01955 611400. 

How long is the ferry crossing?
Crossing time is 40 minutes.

How big is the ferry?
The ferry is 100 feet long and carries 250 passengers. Large covered saloon downstairs.

When is the ferry office open?
Open from 8am, 7 days a week, closes at 4.15pm.

Are the coaches & ferry non-smoking?

Can bicycles go on the ferry?

Can bicycles go on the bus to Kirkwall?

Is this a car ferry?

Accessibility Policy 

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The Ferry Office,
Caithness, Scotland,
Tel: +44 (0)1955 611353
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